The first united Eurasian Congress for Psychotherapy, Russia, Moscow, 2013


Evening life of the Congress

Evening Life of the Congress

From unique features of a single country or city to the holistic mission of psychotherapeutic community

  • July 4 — Evening of acquaintances.
    Meet personal and professional experiences of participants due to the differences in culture and geography of their  habitation.
  • July 5 — Psychotherapeutic ball.
    Genuine psychotherapeutic ball in Vienna style «Language of a fan» represents universal means of communication and interaction.
  • July 6 — Evening of clannishnesses.
    Presentation of the congress delegations from various countries and regions.
  • July 7 — Farewell evening.
    Нymne for psychotherapy on different languages.

The evening program of July 4, 6 and 7 will pass in banquet hall «Trapeznaya» in front of the restaurant «Mikhail Svetlov» in hotel and convention center Izmailovo (Gamma-Delta building), address: Moscow, Izmalovskoye shosse 71. Build. 4-G-D. Evening program starts at 19.00

Free entrance for the participants of the Congress!

We kindly ask you to notify us on your participation in these events in advance at our email .

Important notice on the «Evening of clannishnesses»: submitting us the application form for participation and a short representation of your country is obligatory for includsoin into the program of the event.


July 5, 2013 in 18.00
Is honored to invite you to the psychotherapeutic ball
given within the framework of the First United Eurasian Congress for Psychotherapy:
«Psychotherapy Without Borders: Past, Present and Future»


Vienna, Austria, the motherland of psychotherapeutic balls, passes her traditions to us!

In Russia, a good tradition to hold balls, has come to Moscow from Saint Petersburg! This is a rare and unique opportunity to combine one’s professional activities with wonderful emotions experienced in personal communication. The ball will bestow you new standards of perfectness, esthetics of dance, special atmosphere of wonderful music and valuable experience of meeting leading specialists in psychotherapy, the Science about Soul, from Russian Federation and from all over the world.

For the guests of the ball will be available:

  • Dancing program: performances and master classes.
  • Entertainment program (competitions, games and surprises).
  • Choosing the King and the Queen of the ball.
  • Ball attires contest.
  • Banquet.

The ball starts in 18.00
at restaurant “Mikhail Svetlov” in hotel and convention center Izmailovo (Gamma-Delta building)
address: Moscow, Izmalovskoye shosse 71. Build. 4-G-D

Registration and payment must be made in advance!

Entrance costs:
Before June, 1 — 25€.
From June, 1 till June, 15 — 40€. After June, 15 — 50€.

Banquet is not included in the price above and requires separate payment. You can have two dining options:
100 € — rich dinner (beverages, fruits, appetizers, main courses, desserts in assortment);
50 € — light dinner (appetizers and beverages).

Dress-code: Black Tie (women in evening dresses, having a fan with yourself is welcomed, men in tuxedos).

For participation and payment issues you can contact us via email:

Psychotherapeutic ball application form >>>

Or contact organizing committee by phone in Saint Petersburg:
Inga Rumyantseva, +7 (911) 221-33-32;
Tatiana Stravchinskaya, +7 (931) 232-23-46,
Maria Bazhenova, +7 (921) 422-86-31

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